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I got rechargeable batteries that actually work.
And my computer is actually not being retarded

So here are a shitwad of pictures of...yes.beak-faced CAASSIE.D:

Cassie as her scary ass self.Collapse )

Cassie as...an even scarier ass L.:3Collapse )

Wohah.I don't have a pupil in the last one.awesome.XD
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I have a new AIM name people:OMFG VIKINGS.

Wowee. Another random hiatus of mine from this journal. Y'know..sometimes I forget I have it. And other times, I suddenly remember, and have a powerful urge to write something in it. Or type.Whatever. Same difference. And I believe now is one of those rare times. Which is also why I write a lot when I do, I guess.

damniramble. :X

Anyways. Got my SAT scores back. My total was 1790. Which I guess is good, because to get into Randolph-Macon you have to have at least a 1600, and Tommy got a 1620 something I believe, and he's in. I'm going to take them over anyways, because I have until next year to improve, and since this was my first time, I can...only get better, right? Well, maybe.

I watched the entire Elfen Lied show in the past two days. Holy fuckwad was this thing amazing. It is definitely my favorite anime. To tell the truth, I don't watch a lot of it..and like I was telling Casey on the phone one night, to me many people who like anime like ALL of it, even the crap. I'm not a huge anime fan, and I only like a few shows that catch my interest. For example. Naruto, Inuyasha--- gay. To me, at least. Don't have to hate me cause of it, and I don't have to hate you if you do. XD. Now. Chrono Crusade I loved, and was my favorite, but I'm in love with all thirteen episodes of Elfen Lied. And Nana, because she was my favorite character.:3 I mean,..come on. Insane violence, i.e-> Exploding heads, severed limbs, gallons upon gallons of blood..etc. Also there's cute, pink-haired alien chicks, perverse humor, and lots of cool big scientific words. I highly recommend it. Which is odd, because usually I refrain from telling people to do things because...I give bad advice.:D

Hamlet practice has finally really started, and it's going rather well. We finally got Carver to admit that he was going to be playing King Hamlet's Ghost, and he is..well...weird at the part. He's not bad, obviously, his voice just takes getting used to. We did the scene between Hamlet and his deded-father, and it was OK. I found it kind of hard trying to keep character when he suddenly flung a hanger at me and said, "THIS IS YOUR SWORD!" And every time I tried to drop to my knees, and drop the sword the hanger would just...flop to the ground, and act very unsword-like. Rather frustrating.

Tommy and I got couple of the month. ._.; Weird. They interviewed me today, and were going to interview Tommy, but he was sick---he has a fever of 104. And it scares the hell outta me. I hate when people are sick..especially when it's people I love...

Waahlalala. I need to play a video game. I've been finished with FFXII, OKAMI, GOW, and dropped playing Shadow of the Collosus, because it gets boring and repetitive as shit.

..I know.

I'm going to play Ocarina of Time! 8D!

ILU. <3
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WARNING! wrote this offline at 6:00-ish in the morning..so...I'm apologizing beforehand of any typos or random sentences that make no sense. At this point in time, my brain is still slightly in unconscious dream-state. So have fun translating!

And once again I have not posted anything in forevers. But I think I had a revelation(or just a really good answer to the problem<--- if it actually is one, which I really don't think it is.XD): The summer is the only time I really get to be on the interweb. Last summer-- wonderful. Always online. I actually think that Achaea ruled my soul then, though. {Beginning of school, first few months} that's a good time too.


Anytime after that. Ugh. It's just so HARD sometimes! I know for a fact I'm not the only one feeling this way, no matter what actually wrenches them away from the clutches of the net. I'm not obsessed, I'm just...deprived. D:

Scapin went up last night, its only night. I thought it was pretty wanktarded that we only put it up one night...and on a damned school night at that. I'm so fucking sore. But then again....I have no idea WHY I'm sore so! It sucked that the Irish Plays only when up one night as well. Hamlet is scheduled to go up three nights instead of the usual two....I pray that nothing happens to change that.

One of the main-ish-middle characters in Scapin, however, got jumped the day before the play. D: So..Carver gave me his part. Thank ODIN it was a silent play---so I just had to study the moves that day before the show. I don't think I messed up too bad..and I just hope I lived up to 'E'(kid who originally played Leandre) and his charactery ways. Tommy was, as usual, fucking hilarious and awesome. I especially loved the random bit where there's good ol' ragtime music..and then suddenly....death metal starts blasting when Tommy gets 'transformed' into a really evil, mean guy. All thanks to Derrick, my secret lover.lawls.

Ultimately, I know today is going to be one of those days that I wish I could caste fucking Haste on CHS, and it would last for a DAY LONG TURN. x_x;;

But I'm not moping. Tomorrow's my two year anniversary. You know, before Tommy, I would have never thought I'd ever have one of those. 8D!
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I don't know about you, journal and those scarce-few-scant-zero-invisible-imaginary people that read it, but...I think this layout is kick ass. Ghad I love dead things. With an intense, sexual passion.


ALRIGHT. Now that that's over. Ahem. Eventful things since I last posted..let me see..hmm..

Welp. All our mid-term exams are done. They seemed much harder than they have been the last two years. I'm believing I totally bombed Physics, Adv.Calculus and History. But, other than that..which includes Theatre, English, and Humanities...those were fine. And I'm pretty sure when I take French III Monday, it'll be OK. Well, really Adv.Calculus wasn't hard at all, but, I always say that..and end up failing so! I'm just going to go ahead and say I bombed it.

Hopefully I'm not spoiling anything for any avid Degrassi watchers but. Let me just say, I've never really been a big fan(though all the guys on that show are hot, especially the gay one.) but I was crying at the last episode I just saw. J.T FUCKING DIED. HE WAS STABBED. Which reminds me of why I hate drunk/drugged people so much. And also brings me to the point that, I know many of you (and take note that when I say MANY OF YOU, I mean…the few people on my friends list, and…everyone else at my school that is a friend of mine who will never read this.hee.) probably have tried a few things here and there, and don’t take it as a bad thing. But…just look at it this way. It only takes one time for you to get smashed to kill someone or yourself. Even a first time. And it may sound bitchy of me but I refuse to take anyone’s shit when it comes to partying and drinking and everything. Call me a tight ass. I’ll keep my brain cells and organs intact, thank you. And they’ll work perfectly well. Maybe I’m just really hard on it because of my dad but, I don’t think that matters. There are few cases where I can see MAYBE, perhaps, why someone drink but not drugs.

OK.I’m going to stop acting like a guidance counselor/prudent ass/high school teacher. Le sigh and other emo emotions.


I get to drive up to Spotsi Highschool tomorrow and take my SAT at 7:45 in the morning, until 1:00 am. Then come home and go to work at 4:30 and stay until hell freezes over.


P.S. This is what the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated.

And this is also what my journal would look like always if I wrote in letter format.

P.P.S. Okami is beautiful and so fucking fun. But not when your hand twitches and it takes forever to draw vines and cherry blossoms and shit.
'Degausser'- Brand New
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I so totally messed up my layout after messing with Nexus ones. Oh well. I'll fix this later.:D

I'm so anal. hurr hurr.

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I keep wanting to go back and play Achaea, but I won't let myself stoop so low to boredom---or business. I remember I use to play that game so....addictively(+DICKSHUNARRY WERDZ)that I ended up being like, level 89 before I suicided my character and almost got molested. YEAH. XD; But it was pretty awesome, when you had no one messing with you. But every time I go to make a new noob, I get bored just slaying rats and selling them. For bazillions of months.

Gah, shut up dad. He just yelled at me for yelling but--- I was yelling because the kids are being dickwads, and I'm the one babysitting them. He pisses me off so hard. Like, yesterday, he bitched at me to go back to my room because he THOUGHT I told Bo he was stupid, but in fact Bo and I were carrying on a friendly conversation. But, he didn't care. He still bitched at me. And I bitch back. Some people think my dad is intimidating. I just think he's a dumbass drunk.

Tch. ANYWAYSSSSS. The main reason I was even posting. I beat FFXII yesterday. 8D The ending made me cry. And this isn't a spoiler, because I'm not sure if it happened but...I think Ashe and Basche got married. But...I was kind of confused about it. I hope so.They're pretty hot together, I think. I mean, if you think about it, anyway.

And I've been bored as hell. So I started to play Lego Star Wars II and Final Fantasy X. And now I'm remembering how much of a dike Tidus is. Blah.
That temple of the fayth song in FFX. O:
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WORK Well, this ended up being a loaded weekend. Actually…not really, but it was pretty much awesome. I told Larry Friday night at work that I couldn’t stay too late, because I was getting up early (6 o’ clock ish) the next morning to go to an audition in Richmond--- which was NOT a lie. 8D. I said at least nine-ish, but I guess he either mistook me and thought I needed to be HOME by nine instead, so he let me off at eight. But, then again, I live > 3 minutes away so….yeah, he was just being nice. I GOT ANOTHER RAISE, TOO! 25 cents more. I’ve gotten three in the past span of months, and now I make 6 straight dollars an hour. Yeah, wonderful, I know. 75 cent raise since I started in he summer. I’m..actually not sure whether that’s good or not.

AUDITIONS The adjudication went well. Seeing as I have not wrote in this thing in forever, I probably never mentioned it…well. Basically, I got nominated to go to this governor school program for all kinds of art. I was nominated for theatre, so, I went through the long ass application (basically, I had to write an essay about why I should go, have acquired two teacher recommendations from teachers that have worked with me in the acting field, my acting experience, read the packet which was 15+ pages long, seriously.), then went for the audition yesterday morning. We got lost getting to the college (because it’s in the summer for a month, hosted at U of R)--- mom was driving down a one way road, and we had to back up out of it. Felt like my eyes were bulging out of their sockets, how fast she was backing up to get out without crashing into the people going the right way.

It was nerve-racking as hell, sitting in the room with all the other prospective theatre students, mainly because the actual audition took less than ten minutes. But also, because everyone there was such a…stereotypical theatre student. What I mean by that is…they dramatized everything, without trying to. They were all huddled in a circle, doing breathing exercises and flaunting things they do at their school, and parts they’ve played, and I kind of just sat there…like… “….Well, my actual drama class is just there to socialize, usually so…we have no warmup shit.” And some of them were clearly bragging. They weren’t all exactly snobs, I mean…the chick I went in with for my improvisation skit was really nice, and they were too. I guess I just felt out of place because I didn’t feel as experienced. But back to the
‘clearly bragging’ thing: this one chick said something about her grandpa knowing like, five different languages, and I all of a sudden just said, “…My grandpa knows how to speak angry old person.”

And then they laughed, and I felt acknowledged for like…two seconds. O: There were only two judges, and they were pretty awesome. Just two old ladies, who smiled all sweetly and said I did well, but of course they have to say that, really. Personally I do think I did really good. I didn’t mess up on lines, I put as much as I could into my character (or at least as much as I was capable of, I think), and answered the interview questions deeply. The improv. Skit--- which I had NO idea we had to do…guess it was a good think it was improv--- I had to do with Hannah, the girl who had auditioned before me, and in all seriousness, it could have gone WAY better but…she wasn’t that creative with it, and I felt kind of held back.

Even though I sounds like I’m giving myself props…I have no doubt that I’m NOT going to get in. I don’t feel like I have enough…behind me to get there. I want to, certainly, more than anything, really right now but…meh.I have no clue.


DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS Me, Tommy, Martin, Derek and eventually Will all played Dungeons and Dragons ~<3. It was the first time I actually played, because when I was about ten or so, my cousin John was DM and he taught Tyler and me, but…we just messed with the board and made up shit. So this time wasn’t really a refresher, it was my first experience. First I had to get used to Chris talking like a fucking auctioneer as I tried to jump into the story--- he was DM as he was last time, because Tommy and Martin were already in the middle of a quest, and he just added Derek and I---, then as our own story together started to unravel, it got better and better..and scary as shit, actually.

My character was a half-elf hex blade named Xylia, Tommy was Odin---not only a blatant rip-off of the Nordic God, but a Rogue elf--, Martin was the whiny but ballsy Chronos who was a Paladin. Derek had Dedpul(and yes I have no idea how to spell that Derek…it sounded like ’deadpool’ but..yeah.XDD) who was a half-elf, I think, and a Sorcerer. And then Will had some weird ass lizard man that was a cleric named Gorlak. Chris obviously was pulling the quests and story out of his ass--but it was so elaborate and creative that it made the game all the better.

It was fun listening to Chris embellish the battles the most, I think. Like, when we fought this giant ass spider thing (dryder, it was called), I had my longsword and a shortsword, I dual-wielded them and I ripped it up pretty good--- I seriously just liked Chris talking about how I tore half its side off and black blood and shit streamed out. 8D. Tommy shot a few enchanted arrows, and it’s eyes basically fizzed out of it’s skull. Martin was doomed to failure from the beginning, because Chris always gets pissed at them when they play D&D--- he always has to be like, “I THINK WE SHOULD JUST STAB THIS, and Blablabla, and, I won’t go on this quest unless Odin gives me a beerlolol.” He even made the fate guide (I.e, character who knows the fates of the others but can‘t tell them, but tags along), Shagrath (Chris’ D&D character when he’s not Dungeon Master) bestow upon them a big coffin-like crate that said “Paladin” on the side of it. Martin had -5 health at this point.

Then Derek---whom I think thought he was going to suck…and I pretty much though too, but not because of himself, only because his character had 4 health ;_;--- cast some kind of light magic, and illuminated the entire forest, sending all of the other dryders scattering and running away. And the best part was when he exploded the thing’s head. XDD


…ghad. I love being a geek. It’s amazing what groups of us with a couple of twenty-sided dice, a few guide-books, and a shitload of imagination can do. Apparently adventure and slaughter spider-creatures! Then we went to go back to the beginning, to this town, but we got lost….and ended up in this freaky ass monastery where we got trapped inside by these two monks (affectionately called greeny and bluey because of their robes). There was one monk(named ’whitey’ :DDD) who Chris made up that seriously scared the piss outta me…and ‘luckily’, he’s now like, my mortal enemy. D: Because we all began walking through this corridor, and first Will’s character Gorlak looked out of the corner of his eye, saw this white-robed monk with freakishly huge, yellowing teeth and blood dripping off his chin with deep, just black eyes. He had spikes around his wrists and blood flowing clearly underneath his robes, but not staining them. There were tapestries running alongside the entire hallway, and I asked about them, and the DM said there was on in particular that was long, blank and had gold inscriptions in some unknown language.

…which no one could read, because it was ‘speshul.’ Or something. ANYWAY, I go up and touch it, and the FREAKY ASS MONK THING APPEARS and grabs my wrist…and basically I have this burned mark on my arm that burns excruciatingly and turns red around evil, and it white and glowing when not, and it will only go away when I kill him. Lovely.

THEN TOMMY FOUND A DAGGER AND STABBED THE DAMNED TAPESTRY, AND…the last thing me and Tommy got to (cause we had to go, damnit) we were all taken through his portal that brought us to this world where, to quote Chris, he got ‘gay’ with the story and made this verdant green field, and Odin and Shagrath had this new armor and shit. The evil-god’s world was merging with the good one, and on the end of the field we could just see a huge purple, glowing monolith, giant crow-like creatures circling in, and a flaming forest with burning skeletons. Last thing I remember hearing was a baby unicorn frolicking too close to the forest, getting ensnared by chains and had the flesh burned right off its skeleton, and then eaten or something.

Geeks have the best crack ever, by the way. And I mean D&D, obviously.8DDD

RACHEL POO, I’m gonna reply as Cid prolly tomorrow or the next day..because I have a way load of shit to do at the moment, or I would. Sorreh I’m slow. AND I LOVE YOU AND WILL FIGURE OUT HOW TO IM YOU ON AIM SOMEHOW. Because. I’m retarded and don’t know.


I miss yew. D:
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When I'm posting/writing/messing around on the compy here in Maryland, 'cos I feel like I'm distancing myself from my family.

OH WELL. We all probably like to do that more than not. But I did just leave Tommy in there, eating with them.lmfao.

Holyshit did they outdo theirselves this year. My grandma, grandpa, aunt and uncle, anyway. We got to open their presents this morning, and I got a few black and pink long sleeve shirts, a FLAMINGO BOBBLEHEAD for my car, and awesome vanilla-scented airfresheners. :D. Some new barets--which I never use, but my hair is short(it was BUZZED in the back.O:) so I can pull my bangs to the side and stuff. I'll have to take pictures or something. Anyway. I got a little penguin candy dispenser, and you push it's head down, and it POOPS JELLYBELLIES! Ghad, that thing makes me happy inside.

I also got the first DVD of Chrono Crusade, with the first four episodes. I've watched the entire thing, but I don't have any copies of my own..and I've been obsessed over making Tommy watch it. Which...I'm making Tommy watch it up here, now.

I also refuse to watch Eragon. I learnt from Hollman that THERE ARE PRACTICALLY NO DWARVES, NOT EVEN A DWARF-MOUNTAIN MAGIG WHICH I FORGOT THE NAME OF! WTDFFFFF. Also, they changed Arya to a human? How the fuck can you do that?! Did Christopher Paolini really give them the rights to make this flaming shit on a stick? I doubt it.Seriously.

I don't even wanna copy to burn it. Or...---yeah, when it comes out,I do.

I need to go now, though.I just looked in the mirror next to me, and besides looking like shit, I'm braking out. I hope it wasn't the shrimp I ate....

My lovely sssshrimp...... my preciousssss...

Grandma's Computer Room
Chrono Crusade Music! 8D
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